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Top 563 KB Home Reviews (1)

Aa of Winchester, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Feb. 7, 2023

As a first time home buyer, I had no idea what was involved what was in store or what to expect. The people at KB Homes were very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. From sales to delivery, they made the home buying experience extremely pleasant. They were always available to answer any questions we had. It was very clear to me that their main focus is customer satisfaction. We could not be happier with our new home and our choice to go with KB Homes as our builder.

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Top 563 KB Home Reviews (2)

A of Lake Elsinore, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Jan. 20, 2023

Mortgage is the best on the market even the stress amount that comes with buying new home, but I'm so thrilled with my interest rate. Jason was honest and helped me out a lot.. The warranty staff (Barry and his team) great service and they would do everything to help you. On the other hand, if KB monitored the home and check on the houses after every process during construction, they would not deal with a lot of issues. I can't believe lights in the ceiling are not measured rights.. They aren't aligned, showers install were not properly finished but the warranty staff helped to resolve that.

The granite and the quartz countertop material are not good. They used cracked counters and glued it, but they call that fissure (that's a big problem). I know the difference between what a fissure and what a crack is (someone trying to hide the mistake) and the finishes are not near good. I am sorry. You need to consider different installer for countertops. The kitchen design needs some improvement. When you use wall cabinets, at least use the fridge depth for consideration. Cabinets above the fridge should be deeper to make the flow in the kitchen better and make it more friendly user. I am sure there is more things to monitor but I know 100% that the staff at the warranty (Barry and his team) would get things done for me.

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Ices Carter of Haines City, FL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Jan. 20, 2023

When we first saw KB Homes Maurice was the first person that we had interacted with. He took us to our house and we had no idea we were going to buy that house. He ended up helping us through the process of getting our loan started and also was a good helping hand along the way. Our lender was not the greatest Jose **. He was always asking us for documents that we had already given him once or twice. And he was losing them. However Wilfredo came into the picture and he helped the scenario. He was very intuitive and always checking up on us.

If it was not for him or Maurice I am pretty sure we would not have gone through with having KB homes. Maurice was the one who walked us through our house and also Wilfred the maintenance guy walked us through our home as well and he had us tape everything that was wrong. After we close on our house Alex was the one walked us through our home as well and he had us tape everything that was wrong. After we close on our house Alex was the one who came over and Made sure that everything was working. And if it was not working he was calling the people who needed to fix it. Alex has been a great person and has helped us ever since we bought our home.

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Top 563 KB Home Reviews (4)

Chris of Las Vegas, NV Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Oct. 14, 2022

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Amber ** and Chase **. As investor buyers, this is our third transaction with them both in a second KB Home community, and we literally followed Amber and Chase to Montalado! They are the kindest, most professional and hardworking sales reps at KB Home. We did run into an encounter with our mortgage lender closing their division, which required a change in lender a few weeks before closing. Both Amber and Chase were extremely courteous and helpful in facilitating a new appraisal order, and took on a completely white glove approach to work with our new lender to get everything in place for closing. Despite closing later than expected, they kept everyone fully informed, including KB management, escrow and lender, and worked as a team to get this done.

We cannot thank Amber and Chase enough for their professionalism, but most importantly, the way they treated us as customers and their team work approach as well as a "can do" attitude. We will follow Amber and Chase at wherever they go next, and we're very grateful for having cultivated such a great working relationship with them both. They are truly the dream team, and more importantly, such a great reflection of KB Home's commitment to superior customer service that sets it apart from all the other builders here in the Valley.

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Top 563 KB Home Reviews (5)

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Laura of Parker, CO Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: June 4, 2022

I have been a homeowner before but I have never purchased a "new home". The experience was quite intimidating for me but everyone that I worked with from sales to design center to construction to after I moved in, has been amazing. They helped keep this single mom feel secure in the decision that I made. I have friends that have bought from other builders and I have heard horror stories. It took 1 year and 10 days from contract to close, but that was based on market conditions, nothing KB Home could control. During that entire time Cheryl, Mark and Brady were so wonderful about keeping me informed every step of the way. The design center was also very overwhelming as I'm at home looking everything over trying to decide what I wanted, needed and could live without since I was on a budget.

My first meeting with Mallory was on a virtual call. Right there she took away 90% of the stress I was feeling. We listed what I wanted and I spent the next couple weeks prioritizing what was and was not a "have to have". I then met with Mallory at the design center. She took me through all the steps and never made me feel pressure to add anything that I did not feel was important. She gave great advice on coloring, what would and would not work together. I'm not an artistic person so her help was well received. In the walk thru there were minor things that needed to be resolved. Most have been corrected and a few are on "back order". But again, that is a result of our market place. I've now been in my home about 5 weeks and I cannot be happier. I feel like I'm at home.

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Top 563 KB Home Reviews (6)

Original review: May 27, 2022

KB Homes is amazing to build and buy with! They showed us a wide selection of options within and outside of our budget to see differences of course and what we do and don't want. While also making sure we stay within what we could do which was awesome. They showed us great examples digitally and in person of what you can do with all their home layouts. They go over the whole process from beginning to end as far as expectations and do's and do not's which were highly appreciated.

Considering that we were first time home buyers and weren't even considering building or buying until we came just to look at the model home site with a friend who had recently built a home with KB as well in the Jarrell community. We were nothing but impressed. Of course building supplies were high in demand so the process took a lot longer than expected at certain points, but getting the freedom to choose every single aspect and setup of the house from their thorough layouts was to say the least my favorite thing about building with them. I especially loved that we could drive out to the home site often to check the process while also receiving frequent photo and detailed updates from our sales agent. We highly recommend and we are 1000% satisfied with our new home! Thank you KB!

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Top 563 KB Home Reviews (7)

Mike of Auburndale, FL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 21, 2023

The sales staff were worse than the Alligators in the surrounding lakes. Insurance limits are set so high for Home Inspections that none carry those high limits making sure you will not get an inspection prior to sale. Other than that the people with warranty and construction have been golden.

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KB Home response

Hi Mike, thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback about your experience with KB Home! We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed your time with our warranty and construction teams and we will pass along your comments to the team here at KB Home.

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Top 563 KB Home Reviews (8)

Steven of Gold Canyon, AZ Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 21, 2023

Sales and loan originator were wonderful, so it started beautifully. Construction and build communication the worst I have ever experienced. Local rep was useless. Had to get VP level to turn things around finally.

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Top 563 KB Home Reviews (9)

Debra S. of Henderson, NV Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 21, 2023

The beginning of this process was stressful with the lottery drawings every 2 weeks. I lived out of state, and it was difficult not being closer. I wasn't able to see the progress of the build. And waiting 15 months from the time I signed my contract to completion was agony. But in the end, it was all worth it. I am very happy.

KB Home response

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Debra! We're thrilled to hear that you are happy with your results and we're honored to be your choice for the home buying process.

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Top 563 KB Home Reviews (10)

David of Lincoln, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 21, 2023

From start to finish our KB Home experience has been great. Jeanne our sales agent helped us decide on the house that fit our needs. Pamila from the KB design studio gave us some great advise for the design of our home. My wife and I were having trouble deciding on colors and styles, but now we love our floors, cabinets, and countertops that she helped us pick. The house was finished on time (despite the unusual amount of rainy days we had this year). After we moved in there were a few minor issues that needed to be addressed. I contacted Chad, our home warranty adviser and he responded very fast and worked with my schedule to get things fixed.

KB Home response

We’re thrilled to hear that you had such an enjoyable experience working with our team, David! Service like this is important to us, and we are honored to work with you and your wife to create the perfect home for your family.

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Top 563 KB Home Reviews (11)

Mary of Elgin, TX Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 21, 2023

My overall experience with KB Home was amazing. The step by step process and you totally do not feel left out of the home buying experience. Did I mention the savings!! The house I have is energy efficient so perfect!! I could not ask for more. They took the time to understand what I want and built it designed for me. I could not be more pleased. You will come out so knowledgeable about your home it makes you so happy. I will definitely refer KB to others!

KB Home response

Thanks so much for your review, Mary! We were so happy to work alongside you throughout the entire home-buying process, and we’re glad to hear that you’re seeing the cost- and energy-saving benefits of your new home.

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