Sensi Seeds Review - Discount Cannabis Seeds (2022)

Sensi Seeds Review - Discount Cannabis Seeds

If you are new to cannabis growing or want to switch up your cannabis seed bank, then why not choose Sensi Seeds?

Sensi Seeds is one of our customers favourite cannabis seed bank. In this blog you will find out why! With cannabis strains that will blow you away, amazing yields and a smoke which will rock your world the only answer is Sensi Seeds.

Here is a bit more about Sensi Seeds.

Sensi Seeds is a legendary seed company founded by Ben Dronkers, which in 1975 began to cultivate medicinal marijuana. He travelled the world in search of the best cannabis. Such expeditions took him to places like the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush – all over Central and Southeast Asia.

His crossbreeding programs brought some of the newest and most ground-breaking strains of marijuana to the world at large, and around this time he began to understand that the cannabis loving people of the Netherlands deserved to be able to enjoy the fruits of his works, just as much as he did.

In 1986, Sensi Seeds opened shop in Amsterdam and quickly became quite famous, offering not only incredible strains but also books on growing and breeding, equipment necessary to start growing.

Through years of experimentation and experience Sensi Seeds developed some of the most ground-breaking, powerful, and easy to grow hybrid cannabis plants the world has ever seen. When it comes to the production, safe and discrete shipment, and incredible variety no other seed bank can even come close to what Sensi Seeds can do.

In this blog I will give you some fantastic cannabis seeds by Sensi Seeds that you can buy today from Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Discount Cannabis Seeds ship to the UK, Europe and the USA! With discreet shipping, outstanding customer service and the cheapest prices online for cannabis seeds the only place to shop is Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Super Skunk Auto Flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Super Skunk Automatic is an indica dominant strain based on Super Skunk and Ruderalis. This is a stable, productive plant. It has a compact shape.

It grows well in any growing environment. You will get a harvest of resinous buds in 63 days. The buds are large and have a bright green colour. A large amount of light is not necessary but helps to maximize the yield. The strain does not need special care and is suitable for novice gardeners.

If you have some experience, you can try SOG and SCROG cultivation methods.

The effect is powerful, relaxing and body-stone. The strain is also suitable for medical use-relieves pain, reduces stress. The aroma is citrus, but not as smelly as other Skunk strains.

Reviews of Super Skunk Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This grew way more than I thought it would, it stayed in veg longer than predicted. Overall, I was very happy with this strain as a first grow.

Chill and focused high without any confusion or body sensation. Sweet and floral, not skunk. Nice in a joint and good for activities or getting things done. I was not around to try "old school weed" but I imagine it was something like this. Light dusting of crystal. Lots of small sugar leaves, so it is a lot of work to trim but the buds look very nice after.

Growing her was extremely easy. She always was healthy and never complained. And she provided more flowers than I would have expected from the whole grow. Definitely recommended, especially for beginners. You cannot do anything wrong with this strain.

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Sensi Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds is easy to grow indica dominant plant, that contains 80% indica genetics. It is a good choice for grower with a limited budget and for beginners. It is a feminize strain with energetic growth.

The Skunk fans will like it. The plant demonstrates a lot of classic Skunk characteristics. It develops potent branches, produces a big harvest and has a fast flowering.

The size of plant is easy controlled. Sensi Skunk suits both for indoors and outdoors cultivation in a warm, temperate climate. The flowering takes 45-50 days, and the plant produces good yields of dense heavy buds.

The smoke offers a sweet smell with citrus notes. The effect brings a calm and a feeling of euphoria, relaxes tense muscles and relieves stress.

Reviews of Sensi Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Resistance to mould is really impressive. I only had to deal with mould once and that was during rainy periods with no sun with combination of caterpillars eating the bud.
The yield is very high. After removing branches and leaves I was left with 4.1 kg of wet bud. After drying and curing the final weight was 1.16 kg.
Sensi skunk has a nice citrusy smell to it. During harvesting I had to discard some buds that were affected by caterpillars. I stored them in a plastic bag and opened it the next day. It smelled exactly like lemons. Not just similar to lemons, it smelled just liked lemons. The high from sensi skunk is very strong, one of my friends experienced amnesia after smoking it.

Silky smooth funk is the best way to put this one. A hint of a subtle unnameable fruit with great mellow skunk tones. Does not reek but the smell is still sharp. Smokes great with a very heady 100% milky trichs. Will make you forget what you were doing very easily!
Overall, it was a very good quality smoke very clean very smooth, happy uplifted alive, daytime smoke depending on your energy levels, really good pain reliever also. Cannot get much better than a smoke of sensi skunk especially when it is organically grown. Had some close people rate it highly also. And this was a great experience overall and I really enjoyed watching my morning glory’s live in a mutualistic symbiosis together with the Sensi Skunk.

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Skunk #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Skunk #1 is a famous champion indica dominant hybrid that brings huge harvests. Its origin is associated with the crossing of varieties from Thailand, Afghanistan, Central and South America.

This is a strong, vigorous plant with dense buds that develop in 45-56 days. Skunk #1 is best grown indoors or in greenhouses.

It can also grow in temperate climates. SOG and SCROG methods are well suited for its cultivation. Its leaves by the end of flowering acquire a rich dark green colour, like those of the Afghan relatives.

The smoke gives a soft relaxing, creative buzz. Sweet earthy notes make up the main flavour composition.

Reviews of Skunk #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This strain was easy to grow with strong stems and buds!!! Recommended for beginners.

Some plants so far have given a moderate body buzz and light stone, and then some plants really sent me to the moon. Since I do not smoke too often when I do the effects are highly pronounced, it gave me the best case of munchies and was great for just watching something funny. Literally had me giggling so hard I thought I might die.
Very nice taste, which is fruitier than I remember. The pain relief is great, and the high is great for midday and night-time. The smell is also fruitier than I recall.

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Hindu Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Hindu Kush is a pure Indica plant that comes from the western Himalayas. It is one of the favourite strains due its high quality and stability

Plants has dark green indica leaves. The strain suits for indoors and outdoors in a warm climate. Flowering is powerful, the harvests come fast and brings a mass of thick Afghani buds. The results are great even in hands of a beginner grower.

The smoke provides a soft aroma of sandalwood with sweet fresh notes. The effect brings a meditative, psychic high.

Reviews of Hindu Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

She grew up very well without any problem. The earth was made by me, but you can tell she is very resistant to everything from a beginner to an excellent grower. To be an automatic she was very good, and she was generous in her flowers.

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Jack Herer Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Jack Herer is a regular indica/sativa hybrid that the result of the combining famous genetics of Haze, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. The strain is a multiple winner, it took nine awards. Today Jack Herer is a recognised medical remedy and one of the most well-known variety all over the world.

The plant inherited tropical sativa high and a great indica resin production with high THC content of 20%. The mass of sparkling trichomes covers the buds as well as leaves. Jack Herer has a several phenotypes. Indica plants demonstrate short blooming and compact buds.

The strain has a bitter aroma with notes of freshness and a sour, grassy taste. Jack Herer provides very potent cerebral sativa high and brings a long-lasting feeling of relaxation. It also has a medical use for increasing appetite and removing pain.

Reviews of Jack Herer Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

She is a nice smoke, like a haze but real smooth, great stuff and I am glad that I grew this out and I will def. be growing this again

really nice smoke that is top notch and she produces very well. I am very happy with the outcome. I can say with certainty everyone should try the god father strain Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds.

VERY POTENT I have a pretty high tolerance to weed but I only needed one cone thru a bong to feel the effects of this one.

Taste 9/10.
Smell 9/10.
Mould resistance 9/10.
Resin 9/10.
Growth Vigour in veg 7/10.
Stretch 150%.
Flowering development was quite fast so overall score 9/10.

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Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Northern Lights is a legendary cannabis cup multi-winner. This is a feminized, almost pure indica plant. It is a standard for all other Indica’s. The plant contains 90% indica genetics and produces a potent yield.

The indoor growing is the best, but the strain also suits for outdoors in a warm, sunny climate. The flowering takes 45-50 days, and the harvest brings big yields of solid fragrant buds coating of THC-rich trichomes. The plant demonstrates purple hues during blooming.

The smoke offers a pungent, sweet smells. The effect is a quite strong and psychoactive due high THC content. It brings a euphoria and a body relaxation. Northern Lights is a good remedy against a pain, sleeplessness and stress.

Reviews of Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

I really enjoy this strain. Harvested in the middle of the window, mostly cloudy with a few ambers. No couch lock at all but you feel very calm and comfortable. Good for relaxing, stress relief and pain relief. Cannot really fault it, it is what I enjoy.
Built for indoor culture, perfect for a stealth grow with no strong odours. It will thrive well in a ScrOG, making compact and dense colas. As an Indica it does not stretch too much and is easy to keep under control. Flowering period is short, it will be ready to harvest in 60 days.

Proper old school flavour, very sweet and intense aroma typical to Afghan Indica’s. The effects suit with the genetics, heavy lazy sleepy sensations and deep couchlock feelings.

I loved to grow it; it was a dream coming in true. A strong and vigorous plant from the beginning to the end. No bugs, nothing could have stopped her. She was a monster, a kind and nice monster. I miss her. I will definitely grow this strain again, old school flavour.

Legendary for good reason! The effect was happy and euphoric with a zing... a vibration like a percussion instrument being played by an angel.

Good strain, quite easy to grow (not so resilient to mould). Nice liquorice taste and smell, not too strong. The stone is very smooth. Absolutely perfect strain to fall asleep peacefully!

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Silver Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Silver Haze is the first Haze creation that includes the most potent genotypes. The plant has a great number of awards. It is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner. This sativa dominant strain based on the genetics of Afghanistan and Haze and contains 75% sativa.

The strain has a great indoor potential. It also suits for outdoor cultivation in a warm, sunny climate. The plant grows up high and brings big yields.

The flowering is not fast. It takes 10-11 weeks. The strain demonstrates good results in close-cultivation methods like SOG. Silver Haze produces long sticky buds. The coat of resin covers all plant and makes buds denser.

The smoke brings a powerful but clear-headed sativa effect.

Reviews of Silver Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Very powerful strain! I will grow it again in the future. I am not sure about the taste; I am not very good at "defining" it... What is sure is that THC level is very high.

The effect is the true masterpiece of this strain. No paranoia. Couch lock is absent, but if you decide to relax on your sofa, or bed, you will be in the perfect location to start thinking and contemplating about your life and many other things. Thoughts are moving faster here. No joke. You are creative like never before, and happy. You do not think about problems. You like everything. And you start appreciating how nice moving slow and focusing on every little thing you do is. Wow.

Almost 5 months to create this wonderful thing. I do not think I will never find another strain like this. Someone tells Jack Herer could be better, who knows? But this is now my starting point on what real sativa should be. Nice one, Sensi Seeds.

Let us now talk about the most interesting part: buds and their effects. If you touch them, they leave you a tropical mouth-watering smell on your fingers. The smell is a combination of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, and peach. I love it. When you smoke her, you keep tasting those flavours if you vaporize at 180C, but if you increase to 200C, you do not taste that citrus hint anymore (or maybe just a little less).

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Big Bud Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Big Bud Automatic is an indica dominant feminized strain. It is a compact plant that is suitable for growing indoors with a small area.

The strain develops heavy, large resinous buds and needs branch support. However, this variety is well suited for beginners.

You will get a crop in 45-55 days and it can be 400-450 g / m2. Big Bud Automatic can be grown even in regions with short summers, as well as indoors and in greenhouses.

The taste of the smoke is fruity, earthy, sweet, spicy, with notes of musk. Smoking gives intense relaxation, body-stone and uplifting effect.

Reviews of Big Bud Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

It is earthy and musty with a fresh undertone. The effect is a nice balance of head high and body stone. Not overwhelming, but quite pleasant. The interesting thing is that this plant does not make me sleepy at all. I guess this could very well be smoked during the day, but I only smoke in the evening.

The effect on the mood is uplifting; it makes you feel peaceful and happy. I think this is a classical relaxation strain, not really usable for medicinal purposes because of the mellow body effect.

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Sensi Amnesia Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Amnesia Auto has an excellent genetic pool, including parent plants like Jamaican Pearl, Hawaiian Indica, and Afghani #1.

Hawaiian Indica is an unusual strain in that most varieties from this area are more sativa in nature, but this exclusive Sensi Seeds cultivar combines exotic flavours of pineapple and tropical fruit with gentle indica relaxation.

It is 50% sativa, 20% indica, and 30% ruderalis, and the sativa dominance is evident in the high, which is cerebral and euphoric. As an automatic feminized strain, it is easy to cultivate in most climates, even for complete beginners.

The plants produce a tangy, fruity aroma and taste, and grow to moderate heights.

Reviews of Sensi Amnesia Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Good combination, amazing smell, easy to grow. Nice relaxed high but not good for right before sleeping.

Afghani #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Afghani #1 originates from the Afghan Mountains. This strain will be loved by fans of pure indica. You will get a large crop of buds in just 49-63 days.

This is a very resinous strain. It reaches a medium size and can grow in any growing conditions. For its cultivation, the SOG method is excellent. The variety achieves its best results when grown indoors but can also grow in warm climates.

The effect of smoking is a long-term relaxation that turns into a body-stone high. Very small doses are enough to feel the effect of Afghani #1.

It can also be used for medical purposes. Inexperienced smokers may feel drowsy. The smoke has an earthy, fruity and peppery taste.

Reviews of Afghani #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Afghani very nice strain real old school taste makes you super relaxed and puts you out when you smoke enough. I will be running this strain again later in another line up. everyone should try this god father strain by sensi seeds. this is the old school weed your grandparents smoked but just did not tell you about it. it is a fast-finishing strain 6-8 weeks, and you can have some nice buds to smoke with your friend or alone, this is a good night strain and is a great medicine to make the hurt go away.
Very mild smell, kushy tones all around. Smooth smoke that will put you out if you are not careful. Super munchies kicked in almost immediately, harvested at 100% milky triches with a few ambers. Still a put you down strain. Great for rest and relaxation.

Good strain, easy to grow and very strong.

As for affects, with a few hits the high is uplifting and was good for daytime. A few extra hits and it is a stronger body high.

Sensi Seeds Review - Discount Cannabis Seeds (9)

Early Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Early Skunk is an indica dominant, champion strain based on Early Pearl and Skunk #1. It combines all the positive characteristics of the parent varieties. It is a tall, vigorous plant with an indica-like structure.

The variety is very hardy and resistant to mould and rot, so it can be grown in any region outdoors, as well as indoors. It grows well even in cold climates.

Early Skunk produces a large number of strong, resin-coated buds after 65 days. The taste of the strain is earthy, spicy and sweet. You can also feel the diesel and floral notes. Smoke gives you a creative, calm buzz.

Reviews of Early Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Solid producer! Really easy to grow and the buds are always dense and big, and the yield is good! To my preference this strain is just a little too sleepy, so it is a night-time smoke for me.
Very euphoric and happy indica high, sweet and skunk smell, everyone who tried it loved it.
Will grow it again in the future!

Sensi Seeds Review - Discount Cannabis Seeds (10)

With all these cannabis strains plus many more available to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds you must try Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds today.

Discount Cannabis Seeds are the number one cannabis seeds store for the cheapest prices so why not start your cannabis journey today.

Thanks for reading.

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