Sensi Seeds Complete Review & Price Breakdown: 2020 (2022)

About the Company: SensiSeeds

Sensi Seeds is a cannabis seed bankcompany established in 1985 in the Netherlands. It’s currently the world’slargest cannabis seed bank with more than 500 cannabis varieties. The companyis recognized as a pioneer of the cannabis industry.

Sensi Seeds also has a large focus on hemp through its sistercompany HempFlax. As such, it’s not surprising thatSensi Seeds recently began to offer a standard lineup of CBD products,including oils, capsules, and e-liquids.

Sensi Seeds is one of the most reputable, experienced cannabiscompanies in the world.

The company sources hemp from theNetherlands, which is harvested using special techniques designed by HempFlax.The hemp is then extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide — the currentgold-standard for cannabinoid extraction.

All of Sensi Seeds products aremanufactured in the Dutch city of Groningen.

Where Does Sensi Seeds SourceIts Hemp?

Sensi Seeds sources its hemp from the north-east regions of the Netherlands. This organic hemp is harvested by its sister company HempFlax, dried, and extracted.

However, the company does not provideany certificates to prove that the hemp is organic. We can’t give them too muchflack for this at the moment —as it’s extremely difficult to obtainofficial organic certification for hemp in Europe at the moment. Although, wedo hope to see this change in the next few years as it becomes easier tocertify hemp.

Products Offered By SensiSeeds

Sensi Seeds offers three popular typesof CBD products — CBD oil tinctures, capsules, and vape e-liquids.

NumberProductTotal CBDPotencyCost per mg CBDLink


Sensi Seeds Complete Review & Price Breakdown: 2020 (1)

Sensi Seeds CBD Oil

275 – 1500 mg

27.5 – 50 mg/mL

€ 0.04 – € 0.08


Sensi Seeds Complete Review & Price Breakdown: 2020 (2)

Sensi Seeds CBD Coconut Hemp Oil

500 – 1000 mg

2 mg/mL (10 mg/Serving)

€ 0.04 – 0.05


Sensi Seeds Complete Review & Price Breakdown: 2020 (3)

Sensi Seeds CBD Capsules

600 – 1200 mg

10 – 20 mg/Capsule



50 – 200 mg

5 – 20 mg/mL

€ 0.20 – €0.30

1. Tinctures & Oils

A) Sensi Seeds CBD Oil

Sensi Seeds Complete Review & Price Breakdown: 2020 (4)

€ 23.00 –€ 55.95
Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds CBD Oil 10 – 30 mL

4.17 / 5

Total CBD:275 – 1500 mg
CBD Potency:27.5 – 50 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD:€ 0.04–€ 0.08
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
THC Content:Not Listed

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Sensi Seeds’ flagship product is afull-spectrum CBD oil. It comes in two concentrations: 2.75% and 5%, and twobottle sizes, 10 mL and 30 mL.

The standout feature of thesetinctures is the use of hemp seed oil rather than MCT oil as the carrier oil tohelp your body absorb CBD.

Hemp seed oil is considered a premiumingredient, which makes sense to include given Sensi’s focus on hempcultivation and hemp-derived products. It also helps keep this CBD oil as closeto natural as possible.

B) CBD Coconut Hemp Oil

Sensi Seeds Complete Review & Price Breakdown: 2020 (5)

€24.95 – €39.95
Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds CBD Coconut Hemp Oil 250 –500 mL

4.5 / 5

Total CBD:500 – 1000 mg
CBD Potency:2 mg/mL (10 mg/Serving)
Cost per mg CBD:€ 0.04 – 0.05
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
THC Content:<0.2%

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The CBD Coconut Hemp Oil is a uniquetake on regular CBD tinctures designed to boost your overall health. Instead ofgiving CBD the spotlight, this product combines CBD with larger amounts of twoother natural, healthy, beneficial ingredients — coconut oil and hemp seed oil.

As such, it contains 500 mg or 1000 mgof pure CBD in a 250 mL or 500 mL bottle, which gives it a relatively low CBDpotency of 2 mg/mL.

This product carves out a unique nichebetween standard CBD oils and health food supplements.

2. CBD Capsules

Sensi Seeds Complete Review & Price Breakdown: 2020 (6)

€19.95 — €39.95
Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds CBD Capsules 60 Capsules

4 / 5

Total CBD:600 – 1200 mg
Potency:10 –20 mg/Capsule
Cost per mg CBD:€0.03
Extract Type :Full-Spectrum
THC Content:<0.2%

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Like most CBD brands, Sensi Seeds offerscapsules as an alternative to CBD oil. These capsules contain the sameingredients as the company’s tinctures — full-spectrum hemp extract mixed withhemp seed oil.

The company also claims to usevegan-friendly delayed-release shells to improve the absorption of CBD.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules with oneof three strengths: 10 mg, 15 mg, or 20 mg, so you can choose the potency thatsuits you best.

3. CBD E-Liquid

Sensi Seeds Complete Review & Price Breakdown: 2020 (7)

€14.96 –€39.95
Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds CBD E-Liquid 10 mL

3.17 / 5

Total CBD:50 –200 mg
CBD Potency:5 – 20 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD:€0.20 – €0.29
Extract Type:Isolate
THC Content:0%

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For those who prefer to vape CBD, SensiSeeds offers CBD-infused e-liquid. Unlike its other products, this e-liquiduses >99% pure CBD (isolate) instead of full-spectrum hemp extract.

It’s mixed with a standard vape juice baseof vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). This e-liquid is sold in10 mL bottles with 50 mg or 200 mg of CBD.

What Does Sensi Seeds DoWell?

1. Hemp Expertise

With over three decades of experience inthe cannabis sector and a dedicated sister company for hemp (HempFlax), SensiSeeds is one of the world leaders in all things hemp.

HempFlax not only pioneered many of thetechnologies used to cultivate and process hemp but also continues to offer awide range of hemp-based products, including CBD supplements, constructionmaterials, cosmetics, animal care products, and more.

2. Seed-to-Bottle Oversight

The vast majority of CBD companiessource hemp or even the finished CBD extracts from different businesses. Instark contrast, Sensi Seeds has complete control over the manufacturing of itsCBD products, starting out with locally-grown Dutch hemp cultivated andprocessed by its sister company HempFlax.

3. Great Value

Sensi Seeds offers some of the lowestprices on the European CBD market, especially considering the quality and greatreputation of the company. You can get CBD for as little as € 0.03–0.04 for onemg.

Where Could Sensi SeedsImprove?

1. Third-Party Testing

Despite its amazing reputation, Sensi Seedsdoes not provide third-party test results anywhere on its website. Consideringthat this is a baseline requirement for any serious CBD brand, we’re quitepuzzled that such an established cannabis company that does so many thingsright chooses not to make these tests readily available.

2. Product Options

We respect that Sensi Seeds chose tostick to only three product CBD product categories, but it would be nice tohave more options for flavor and CBD potency. For example, people who find thetaste of CBD oil too strong would benefit from a flavored CBD tincture, whilethose who vape CBD are accustomed to having a variety of flavor options.Similarly, it would be nice to have more options for CBD strength and bottlevolume.

Safety & Third-PartyTesting

Although Sensi Seeds claims to usethird-party testing, there are no lab test results on its website, which is abig negative for this company.

Considering the company’s reputation anddirect control over every step of the manufacturing process, we’d be surprisedif any of its products or ingredients are unsafe or misleading.

Nonetheless,third-party testing provides a layer of safety and trust people have come toexpect from CBD brands.

Sensi Seeds Shipping andReturn Policy

Sensi Seeds ships CBD products in discreetpackaging to many countries, including Aruba, Andorra, the Netherlands,Antilles, Australia, Bulgaria, Bahamas, Bermuda, Bolivia, Barbados, Canada,Chile, Comoros, Cyprus, Estonia, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Greenland,Guyana, Croatia, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia,Moldova, Republic of Macedonia, Norway, New Zealand, French Polynesia, RussianFederation, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, andSouth Africa.

There is a flat shipping fee of € 7.50 onEuropean orders and € 12.50 for international orders.

Orders can be returned within 14 days ofbeing received if you’re unhappy with your purchase. We found the customerservice team at Sensi Seeds are fast and responsive so any issues you mayexperience should be sorted out in short order.

Final Verdict: One of theBest European CBD Brands Despite Third-Party Testing Hiccup

We recommend Sensi Seeds as a CBD brand, especially if you’relocated in Europe.

Although the company’s lack ofaccessible third-party lab test results is a major drawback, there’s a lot tolike about Sensi Seeds. For one, it’s one of the most established cannabisbrands in the world with over three decades of experience.

Furthermore, it’s one of the worldleaders in hemp cultivation and manufacturing thanks to its sister companyHempFlax. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another company as experienced withhemp and with as much control over the manufacturing process.

Sensi Seeds grows and processes all ofits hemp in the Netherlands, overseeing its CBD products from seed to bottle.Also, its CBD products are competitively priced and don’t have any gimmicks.

However, it would be nice to have moreoptions for flavors, CBD potency, and volume.

In sum, Sensi Seeds is one of the mostreputable and established choices for CBD, as highlighted by thousands ofsatisfied customer reviews. But the company could improve by providingthird-party test results on its website and offering more product variations.

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