Parapro Assessment Practice Test & Test Prep (2022)

I failed the Praxis Math test five times before I found your site. After taking all your practice tests, on my next attempt I passed by five points!I can honestly say this site is the reason I passed. Thank you!!!

Nikki P, Tennessee

Just wanted to say thanks for helping me pass the Praxis I Reading! Your practice tests and especially your explanations are great. Theygave me the confidence I needed!Now I can student teach this fall. I'm so glad I found!

Denise C, Florida

Thank you so much. I just received my results in the mail. I scored a 179 and passed the Praxis I Writing! I'll never have to worry aboutretaking this test again! is great. I told all myfriends about this site.

Susan K, Virginia

Hi! Just returned from taking my Praxis computerized and am happy to say that I passed with a 175. The last time I took the test I missed by 1 point.Your tests definitely made the difference for me! The set up was so similar to the test and the types of questions were also similar that I felt very comfortable taking the test (and even finished it early!)I will recommend your site to everyone I know in my major at Lock Haven University!!!!

Brad Y, Pennsylvania

I have taken the math praxis 3 times and wanted to give up. I ordered the bundle of math tests and I passed the math praxis today.Thank you for all the help.

Jacob D, South Carolina

I wanted to let you know that I bought your practice tests after failing the math portion of the Praxis I Math last month. Your tests really helped me to focus on my mistakes and improve my skills. Today I passed with 6 extra points!Thank you!

Valerie S, North Carolina

I took the praxis math for the very first time recently. I was very confident during the test and I passed with a 182. I've always been good at math but this website really helped me to prepare.Thank you!

Christina G, Virginia

Thanks so much!!! I wouldn't have been able to pass without the help I got from your tests. They are great and so much like the real ones. I think the display and the timing helped reduce my test anxiety as well b/c I became comfortable with the format and it didn't bother me when I went to take the praxis.Your tests are so much like the real thing!!Thanks again!!

Julie C, Pennsylvania

After missing the Praxis 1 test by two points last year, I knew that I had to do something. I signed up for your program and took the 5 test series and kept reviewing the missed questions. It took the fear right out of the test taking ... My heart was pounding really fast, the last few minutes of the official test but I passed.Thank You, it was one of the final steps to receiving my grant money for the CT-3 program and admission into the Watson School of Education. May God Bless you.

Carol J, North Carolina

For last year I have been trying to pass the reading section of Praxis I. I had taken it six times and if I did not pass it this month then I could not take my college courses in education. I went to Google and typed in practice reading tests and your website came up. I clicked on, signed up and took the free test. I knew that I was going to buy a couple of tests after I took that one. I ended up buying four additional tests.This morning (1/10) I took the praxis and passed with a 181. I was ecstatic. I owe it to you guys though because without your tests, I do not believe that I would have passed otherwise.Thank you so much and I will continue to recommend people to your website.

Stacy S, New Jersey

Hello , I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks. I went through every one of your practice tests and it really paid off because I took the real Praxis Math test today and passed.I will keep passing the word about your Praxis Math website to my fellow classmates in the education department. Again, Thank you very much! Naomi- A future educator :)

Naomi I, Indiana

Thank you!I passed on Dec 29th! My scored went up 10 points! I will recommend your site to all the teachers I know who are struggling w/ math.

Tamora A, Alaska

Just wanted to let you guys know that your tests really helped me prepare for the math praxis exam. I took it yesterday and passed!I will tell other people about your site.

Shawna M, Tennessee

I passed my praxis today! This was the second time I took the test. Passing in the state of West Virginia is 172. My first time I scored 170. This time I scored 176.Taking your practice tests helped me a great deal, because several types of questions on the real test were also on your practice tests.Thanks so much for the help!

TIm F, West Virginia

Thank you so much for you reading tests. I just passed the real Praxis I Reading test by 4 points! After failing it 3 other times, I thought I would have to quit.I already told everyone in my class about your site.

Sara L, Pennsylvania

Your practice writng tests worked! I just got my results in the mail for the praxis writing test and I passed by 5 point.Thank you!

Paul C, North Carolina

Thank you for helping me. I thought I would never pass the Praxis I Writing test. English is my second language so I sometimes have a hard time with grammar. Your explanations really helped.

Sunda L, Maryland

This was by far the best Praxis preparation I got in order to pass the Praxis Multiple Subjects test! Not only were the videos extremely concise and filled with very useful information, but I found the practice tests to be very comparable to actual exam questions and really helped me synthesize what I needed to learn. I found the videos that explained why I got the incorrect answers to also be very useful. I swear by this company. There is no way I would have passed the Praxis without the help of Teachers Test Prep. A +!!!

Erica W, Georgia

I finally passed the Praxis II Social Studies test (and by 9 points)!!! After failing 4 times I thought I'd never pass!I wish I found your site sooner. I plan to tell everyone about your website! Once again, I thank you.

Brenda R, Pennsylvania

Thank you for helping me pass the Praxis II Social Studies test! Your website was one of the few resources that really helped me out. I don't think I would have passed without your practice tests. I needed a 158 and I scored 172! I would recommend this site to anyone. Thanks again!

Eric J, South Carolina

Just wanted to say I passed! I took all of your practice tests and passed on my first try! You tests were very realistic and really helped prepare me. I told all of my friends in education about your site. Thank you.

Brendon L, Virginia

Thanks you so much for your practice tests. I took the real Praxis test today and passed on my first try!!!Your test questions were just like the real thing!

Becky Y, Bellefonte, PA

Just wanted to thank you for your website. I passed my Praxis Art: Content Knowledge test on the first try with a 175!Your questions really helped me and I've already recommended you to my friends.

Elisha R., South Carolina

I passed! Thank you so much for your practice tests. The explanations were a huge help!I had failed the test three times before I found your site. I don't think I would have passed without your practice tests.I have already recommended your website to my friends.

Micheal D., Pennsylvania

Your practice social studies questions were exactly what I needed to pass the Praxis Middle School Social Studies test.I'm glad I found your website before I took the real test.

Tim B.,

Thank you for your great practice tests! I needed to pass the Praxis Middle School Content Knowledge test to keep my job with the district.I took all of you practice tests and passed by 20 points!Thanks again.

Brianna C.,

I passed my Praxis Elementary Ed (0011) test today!!! Thank you for the wonderful tests. I don't think I would have passed without them.Now I never have to worry about that test again!

Brooke S.,

Your biology questions were just like the real test. I learned a lot from your explanations. I easily passed with a 175 thanks to your practice tests! I've already recommended this site to several people.

Justin D., Pennsylvania

Your practice reading specialist tests are fantastic. After I took your tests I passed on my very first try.I'm so glad I found your website.

Gail L., Maine

Thank you so much for your wonderful tests. I used them to pass all of my Praxis tests.Your practice tests gave me the confidence I needed.

Alisa L., Doylestown, PA

Thank you so much!It’s hard to describe the agony we experienced watching our daughter struggle with passing the Praxis II Social Studies test.It’s hard to imagine that a student, who was on the Dean’s list, struggling with passing a standardized test - it’s no secret that some people are poor test takers.I mentioned her problem to a co-worker of mine, and he told me about your website. In an effort to help our daughter with her situation, my wife and I offered her the chance to sign-up for your program.Your series of “on-line” tests helped to prepare her with a systematic-approach to test taking. She developed a method to review test questions, and choose correct answers, by first eliminating answers that were clearly incorrect.Being able to review incorrect answers after taking your timed-tests proved to be a huge plus – being able to go-back to review them for studying purposes was also a benefit.Thanks again for being there for her.

Wisconsin, Mark N

Just wanted you to know I passed my NC Reading Specialist Praxis test! I can honestly say that if I had not used your tests, lots of the vocabulary would have been a surprise to me. Thanks for offering a good product.

Wendy D, NC

I wanted to let you know that your site was an invaluable resource to my passing my art content knowledge praxis. I am not an art student nor have i taken any significant art classes. i used your site as the main study guide for the test. I scored a 165!!!! Thank you so much for this site. As i plan other endorsement testi will come back again and again.

Ralph , PA

When I started studying for the Praxis II social studies test I felt like I was studying for Jeopardy This website helped me focus on exactly what I did and did not know. I needed a 162 to pass and when I got my score I thought it was a mistake because I got a 179!!Thank you so much!!!!

Jessica S, Virginia

THANK YOU! Using your pretests prepared me so well for my Praxis test in Chemistry, that I passed on the first try! I purposely didn't take all of my Fekula pre-tests, since I thought I was going to have to take the Praxis a 2nd or 3rd time, and I wanted to use those to study. But now I have passed the Chemistry portion and no longer need them. I do need to take two other Praxis tests, and I am convinced that your pre-tests are a terrific way to study.

John, Tennessee

I was stunned by my score and so glad to have found your site since ETS didn't publish a study guide for 0134 (only 0133). I was planning to go in, blind, and use my first try as my study guide. I found your site about a week before my test and sat in my living room with my sister (an art history major) going over question by question on 3 of the tests. Then on the last two, I took them straight through and got scores in the mid 160s. I was confident I would be fine, and then I really was! There were things on your tests that I would never have encountered otherwise, that showed up on the praxis.I'm from Missouri, where I needed (I think) a 158 to pass to be K-9 certified in art. I already hold a 1-8 elementary certificate so took this without coursework--I've been working as an art teacher in a private school for 4 years and it was time to get certified!

Bridgett, Missouri

I found your product to be very solid. It think it was more difficult than the actual exam, which is what you want from a practice test. I consistently scored in the high 160's on the practice exams, but scored a whopping 193 on the Praxis. Whoa, I guess your product works. Take the time to practice, you won’t be disappointed

Thomas , Connecticut

Hello, I just wanted you'll to know that I passed my test today on my first try, thanks to your excellent program. I purchased ten (10) of the test and it was the best investment I ever made. I've been out of college for nearly 35 years, although I've been working in the business field. When I took each test, my scores were terrible, so I was sure I would not pass the real test. But to my surprise, because of the design of your test, the real test was easy. Thanks so much. I will definitely be recommending others to your site

Cross, Mississippi

So I heard about his web-site from my advisor fivedaysbefore my test. I had been reading tons of books but felt it wasn't really helpful. I was in a panic so I signedup for ten tests and startedtaking the them, hoping for the best.My first few practice tests I didn't pass, but I would check the wrong answers and study only that. By the lastfourtests or so I was passing with about 3-5 pts to spare. I was still nervous becausethere was so much I thought I still didn't know, but when I took the Praxis I got a 185!!!! I stared at the computer screen for about two minutes thinking itmust've been a wrong score.There is absolutely no way I would'vepassed without this test review.This site is absolutely the real deal.It's a day later and I'm still a little shocked.

William, Utah

I am overjoyed and I couldn't have passed the Praxis II Earth Space Science Content Knowledge test on the first try without you. I did see several questions from the practice tests on my test. Thank you so very much!!!

Carol , Virginia

Your practice tests were excellent preparation for the Chemistry content knowledge test. The questions were very similar to those on the test and the explanations for wrong answers very helpful. I aced it on my first try and have been out of college for 20 years! Thank you!

Lora , PA

I passed the Praxis II Biology today!!!! I scored 160! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Your site is priceless! I can't thank you enough!

Meadows, Michigan

I just returned from taking my Math Praxis 1 for the third time. The one thing I did differently for preparing for this test was use your prep tests! I can now say that I have passed. The last score was a 173 and today I walked away with a passing score of 177! I will tell my friends about this site. I will return to prep for my Praxis 2 tests. Thank you!!!

Molly, Harrisburg

Hi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this website and the practice test!! I have to have the Praxis 5011 passed by the middle of this next semester. I took the test in June and failed by 4 points. I took some of the practice test provided here...I took the test again today and brought my score up 9 points!!

allie , MS

I came up 23 points in one test. It gave me the confidence I needed to pass the test and the pedagogy part. Great product and I highly recommend it to my fellow English Teacher classmates!

Courtney, Oklahoma

Thank you! Your site helped me score a 176 on the Social Studies 9-12 Content Area Praxis today! I used the 20 test option and spent 3 weeks studying. The tests helped me get a sense of what I did and didn't know... so I really used them as a review tool. I needed to add Social Studies 9-12 to my license, and this site did the trick. When I took the Praxis today, it took me just over an hour, and it seemed very much like these practice tests. I literally fell out of my chair when I saw such a high score at the end. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Candy, NA

Just wanted to tell anyone who is taking the Business Praxis that your website was the primary reason I passed the test! I just got my scores and I scored higher on the actual test than any of the practice tests! Your practice tests do what they are designed to do. They do not stroke your ego so you can score high and feel good about yourself. They cover a large amount of material that is required to be successful on this test! Thank You!!!

Dane , North Carolina

I finally found your site after flunking the Reading portion of the Praxis I twice. I purchased 5 tests and today I took it for the 3rd time and I got a 177!!!!! I passed!!! No thanks to the study guide books I purchased called Praxis Study Guides!!! I would encourage everyone trying to pass the Praxis I, to go to this site and purchase their on line tests, they are way closer to what you will see on the actual test than the Study Guides you buy at Barnes and Noble or at Amazon!

Kristi, Scottsdale, AZ

I am a certified 5 – 12 math teacher in DE but looking to become certified in NJ. In order to teach 7th grade math in Jersey, I have to obtain K – 6 certification which required my taking the 5013 Praxis 2.I began reviewing your tests on Wednesday night, October 9th, and worked on them through Saturday night, October 12th. I took the exam on the afternoon of the 13th and passed all sections the first time…and not just by 1 or 2 points, but in one case by 13 points.Please feel free to share my information…just let me know if there is anything else you need. My understanding is that passing the NJ requirements is not easy the first time…I know that I could not have done it without the practice provided by your tests!

Ann, Newark


Rich, CT

Just wanted to let you know your program allowed me to go from a170 to a 190 on the Math content of the 5033 Praxis! Wonderfulprogram.

Caitlin, CT

I just ordered 20 tests for MS Social Studies. In the past I ordered your tests for MS Science and, even though I had very limited formal science classes, I passed with flying colors. I am looking forward to similar results in social studies. Thank you for making these materials available at reasonable prices

Holly, Phileadelphia

My science college credits were a long time ago. Your tests helped me review for the Praxis II Science exam and I passed! I am sure I would not have passed without your help. This was an excellent value.

Linda, New Jersey

I was just writing to let you know the only tool I used to pass my Praxis II Business Education (0101/5101) was your tests. I have been out of school for over fifteen years and I took the test today, for the first time. My score was 199/200, much better than the minimum needed to pass.

Robert, Utah

Your preparation program works! I passed the Praxis II English Language Arts: Content Knowledgeon the first go around with a score of 172.

Poquoson, Virginia

Thank you very much! This is my first testimonial to any organization but I am so impressed with the way Exam Edge helped me to be successful on the Praxis II Biology that I felt obligated to share my story. I am becoming a high school biology teacher after retiring from the military and needed help navigating the praxis. I was over 16 years out from studying any biology content knowledge and a week away from my test. Desperate to pass I turned to I used the tests to assess what I knew and then the answer discussions to build understanding. After just one week I was able to score a 179 on my first attempt. Thank you again, if I ever seek additional certifications Exam Edge will be my first and only stop for Praxis Exam prep

Adam, PA

Have not taken any teacher education courses in 30 years and passed with a 183(required 157) after using these tests

Albert , Arkansas

I used to help me study for the Praxis 5038. I wanted to thank you so very much for such a wonderful experience! I was able to pass my Praxis on the first try. Believe me, I am the worst test-taker in the history of worst test-takers, but on test day, I was 150% comfortable. I feel so blessed to have come across your website. Thank you so much!

Eman , New York

I really want to tell you thanks so much for the test, they make feel confident and the best is that I passed the test, your test really help me a lot.

Shirley , PA

Thank you for helping me pass all of my Praxis Exams. I passed them all with confidence as a result of using your practice tests.I feel like it was definitely a wise investment!

Margot , North Carolina

Just wanted to say thank you for these tests!!! They helped so much!

Robin , Maryville, TN

I would like to personally thank you for assisting me in passing my exam. This was my second time taking it and I passed with flying colors. Thanks again so much and I've been passing this site on to my friends

Derek , Alabama

I just wanted to let educators know that Exam Edge is a great resource to use when preparing for the Praxis test. By purchasing the bundle, I was able to practice numerous of times which helped lower my test anxiety and I passed! Knowing that I had invested in myself by taking several practice tests I went into the exam room without the fear of the unknown. In addition, my metacognitive skills were sharper which gave me more confidence. I stronger recommend using the tools ExamEdge has to offer!

Cindy, Easton, MD

I wanted to say thank for creating this website tor helping people like me to pass the exam the first time. I found your website after about three weeks of reading through material from the practice book. I felt I wasn't gong anywhere. Thanks to your website and practice exams, I was able to correct what I didn't understand. I am happy to say that I took the Professional School Counselor exam with confidence and prayer and I passed the first time. Thank you for creating this website

Melanie , District of Columbia

I took the Praxis II Math: Content Knowledge 5161 for the very first time recently and I passed. I was very confident because your tests helped me get ready and also helped me pace myself. Thank you!

Abir , New Jersey

I purchased ten practice tests through you, and I'm so glad I did! I took my Praxis exam and passed with flying colors. The practice tests were in the same format and asked the same type of questions as those on the real exam. In addition, I was comfortable with the format so I didn't have to spend a lot of time on the test tutorials and was able to get straight to business! Worth every penny! Thank you.

Tracy , Colorado

I decided to take the Technology Praxis II about 2 weeks ago to try and get a job teaching technology next year... I am already a Biology teacher. Last week, the day before I left on vacation, I got a job offer... based on passing the Praxis II 5051. That gave me two days to get ready.... I purchased the Exam Edge tests and took the exam this morning. I passed....I more than passed, I did GREAT!! Thank you... I would never have done so well without your practice tests. The best $50 I spent this summer!!

Mindy , New Jersey

I did not study history in college and am transitioning from teaching English, so I was pretty nervous about the Praxis II. After taking 18 practice tests with average scores in the mid 150s, I scored a 180 on the actual test! This product really works if you take the time to study the material you miss in the practice tests. Well worth the price.

Josh, D.C.

I am a horrible test taker. I get nervous and over think the questions. I am excited to report that I took the Business Education test and PASSED on my first try. I needed a 154 and I scored a 167. I am so happy I am going to try another certification. This is a great way to build confidence and practice different style questions. Thank you again.

Jecker, Effort PA

I was extremely concerned about passing my secondary education test for social studies. I had been out of teaching for 15 years. My BA was in psychology and I did not have the background in many of the other areas. I purchased the 10 pack of tests and it was well worth it. I not only passed - I got a 190 for a score. These tests were much better than the books or flashcards I used because they taught me the content AND how to take the test (as in tricky questions - what to look for, etc) I was thrilled when I recognized many of the questions I saw on the Exam Edge practice tests on the actual exam

Donna, NH

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product! I had to take the Praxis 5941- World and US history test and I had no background in history at all. I bought your bundle of 10 tests and over 3 weeks I worked my way through them. I started off not passing them for my state, but by the week before the test I was solidly passing a felt very confident going into the test. I passed with a MUCH higher score than I ever earned on your tests, which tells me that they were a great practice tool, at a high level of rigor that prepared me well for the real exam. This was my first and thankfully only attempt at the test and I attribute a good part of that success to your product. Thanks again! I'll be back for more if I ever need to take another Praxis test

Sharon , TN

I am a non-traditional teacher. I graduated college ten years ago with a degree in another field. After ten years of not studying or taking tests, I was extremely out of practice and couldn't believe how much I had forgotten. I had purchased about every book I could to relearn all of the content in order to pass the Praxis tests. Unfortunately, all the books failed me. I was getting desperate when I found It was a life saver! I could not have passed my tests had it not been for this site. My lowest score on my Core test was 190! I was able to take the test and pass it on the very first try. I also used this site for the Family and Consumer Science section and blew that portion out of the water as well. That is really saying something since the first practice test I did on this site came back far below the minimum state standard for Arkansas. I am truly grateful for this site, especially since decent study material for the Praxis is so hard to come by. Thank you so much!

Jessica, Arkansas

I am a non-traditional teacher. I graduated college ten years ago with a degree in another field. After ten years of not studying or taking tests, I was extremely out of practice and couldn't believe how much I had forgotten. I had purchased about every book I could to relearn all of the content in order to pass the Praxis tests. Unfortunately, all the books failed me. I was getting desperate when I found It was a life saver! I could not have passed my tests had it not been for this site. My lowest score on my Core test was 190! I was able to take the test and pass it on the very first try. I also used this site for the Family and Consumer Science section and blew that portion out of the water as well. That is really saying something since the first practice test I did on this site came back far below the minimum state standard for Arkansas. I am truly grateful for this site, especially since decent study material for the Praxis is so hard to come by. Thank you so much!

Jessica, Arkansas

I highly recommend this service. The school whose faculty I was joining switched my position to the Business Department, and I was given two weeks to pass the Business Education Praxis. I considered my options and decided that, in such a short period of time, my best option was to complete a series of practice tests. I came upon ExamEdge via an online search and decided to give it a try after reading the testimonials. I ordered 10 practice exams. On the first one, I scored a 155, one point above passing, and was panicked by the result. On the first nine exams, my scores ranged between 155 and 168. I retook each exam, studied the content that seemed to challenge me (like accounting and business law), and then took the 10th exam (which I had never seen before) afresh. I scored a 178 on it. The following day, I took the actual Business Education Praxis (5101) and scored a 187 out of 200.. Again, I highly recommend this service.

Matt, Kentucky

I just received a score of 176 on the Praxis 5361 ESOL test which is 35 points above the passing score in my state. Truly, I thank ExamEdge for the excellent study materials, practice tests, that helped me to soar through the exam. I really needed superior materials that would help me obtain licensure without enrolling in a university add-on licensure program. I had a job offer that was contingent upon me passing. Whew!! I did it--many, many thanks

Linda, Wilmington, NC

I would like to provide you with an additional update concerning your product. Seldom do I rate an item/app, etc. Yet today I took the Praxis ii Government/Political Science exam and while I scored around the 150 mark with your exams I made a 173 on the actual ETS test. I find your tests are challenging and set the test taker up to be more than prepared when they go into the room for the actual event. I seem to always obtain 20 or 30 more points after using your exams for prep than if I had used only texts, etc. Thanks again for an excellent preparation tool and please advise your staff/designers, etc., the work provided is unmatched in any academic prep I have utilized. Again many thanks for assisting me in this second first time passing attempt in the Praxis environment.

Nik , TN

I graduated from my PNP program in 2002. At that time, taking the Certification exam was optional. I landed an NP immediately after graduation as I was 7 months pregnant with my first child. I purchased review materials however life happened. I practiced in pediatric neurology for 14 years. I got grandfathered in. Three months ago, I started a new job which required board certification in order to be a Medicare provider. I was so stressed out! I came across a You Tube video and a recent graduate was raving about your tests. I had already done a very expensive online review, but I didn't feel ready. I purchased all 10 pediatric exams...I didn't even get to do all the exams! Your exams really prepared me for the ANCC. I had so many research and policy question that I know for a fact your test helped me succeed on the ANCC. I took the exam three days ago, for the first time and PASSED.... While I was taking the exams, I did not score well, but retaking the practice exams, and doing further reading in the subjects in which I was weak significantly helped. Thank you for providing such a gI wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me pass the World & US History content knowledge test (5941). It has been 27 years since I have been in school and to say I was a little "rusty" is an understatement. I originally purchased the first 10 test as I had a tight window to learn the subject matter before I took the test so I needed the most efficient way to cover the material. Because the first ten test were so helpful, I purchased the remaining 5 test later. I firmly believe the subject matter covered in these "practice" test" helped me score 20-30 points higher than I would have without them (I scored a 168 and in TN needed only a 136) so could I have passed without it - possibly but it felt great to score much more than the minimum needed. Changing career paths is never easy but thanks to you I can now begin my new service that does not coast $400!!!

Stacy , Talbott, TN

Thanks EE. I passed my PLT and ELA tests on the first go. The practice tests were an invaluable resource. I have one more test to take in June and I will be ordering practice tests from you again very soon.

Sean, Japan

I just wanted to take a second to thank you all for this program. For my VA teacher recertification, I needed to take the math Praxis and was not doing well! I ordered a book and did not pass, ordered a terrible program and did not pass, and then my husband found this program! I took my Praxis and started out at a 154 and after your program, I got a 181! I just wanted to thank you again I am so very thankful for this :o)

Brittany, Richmond, VA

Excellent test prep for Math CKT-7803! Lois

Lois , Raleigh, North Carolina

Excellent test prep!

Jannet , Quinton, Virginia

I past the business praxis I purchased the bundle of 20 tests and went through each and everyone. So helpful.

Annette , Rochelle Park, New Jersey

Not authentic

Dalton , Irvington, Alabama

Excellent program. Some of the tests have redundant questions, occasionally, which is not a big problem, but I would rather have all the questions be different. Also, in the essay section, I would have preferred to see longer entries. They are well written, but too short. All in all, the best product on the market for art praxis 3135 practice. Thank you.

David , jacksonville, North Carolina

Much harder than the actual test; very basic for the price

Sarah , Gainesville, Virginia

I am so glad I found your resources on the web. I found the material well worth the investment. I scored a 170 (Needed at least 151) on the 6990 School Leadership exam, and it was the first time I took it. The practice test made a difference! I set aside time each day for a month, and along with the learning from my coursework, I was well prepared. Thank you!

MD, Hendersonville, TN

Exams are good however, why can’t we have 5 resets per exam? The explanations are really helpful especially for those who have been out of school for while.

Patrick , Newark, New Jersey

Passed my Praxis with no questions

Deba , Providence, Rhode Island

For the most part it is good but the first full length test had two sets of duplicate questions and the second one had an algebra question. I have not looked at the other tests yet. Thank you for the prompt answer to the duplicate questions.

Isabel , Waterville, Maine

I've taken 3 practice test so far and they've been very helpful! Wording on some questions has definitely made me a more cautious reader.

Chris , Bridgeport, Connecticut

I am currently studying for the School Leadership Licensure Assessment test (6990). The primary thought that attracted me to your organization, is that your service provides affordable practice test(s) for consumers to use at their own convenience to get ready for their actual test. That has been great. The only negative that I have about Exam Edge is that when you call directly you can never reach a representative. The call goes directly to a voicemail, and then it is recommended that you send an email with any questions that you may have about the tests or any other concerns.

WT, Harrisburg PA

I am currently studying for the School Leadership Licensure Assessment test (6990). The primary thought that attracted me to your organization, is that your service provides affordable practice test(s) for consumers to use at their own convenience to get ready for their actual test. That has been great. The only negative that I have about Exam Edge is that when you call directly you can never reach a representative. The call goes directly to a voicemail, and then it is recommended that you send an email with any questions that you may have about the tests or any other concerns. I have tried that approach as well, and I still have never received any feedback with regard to my questions. Bottom line, the communication with consumers needs to improve significantly.

Michael , Canonsburg, PA

The practice tests did a great job at preparing me for the exam content. I wish they included the different question formats, but that didn't take away from the overall experience and preparation. Good Job overall. Highly recommend.

Jelani , Silver Spring , MD

Some site links and pop ups aren’t accessible.

April , Silver Spring , MD

These tests are the key to getting a passing score! Worth EVERY penny!

Alexis , Silver Spring , MD

This is the best test review I've seen. I've tried so many test review books as well as online programs. Exam Edge is the best around.

Catrina , Memphis, TN

All the test here are very helpful for the preparation for my test Praxis II Mathematics. Thank you so much. I passed the test in first attempt

Pradnya, Darien, Connecticut

I passed my exam the first time because of your practice tests!!!! Had I not used you I would have failed. Thank you so much!! Now my family and I can do bigger and better things because of my job opportunities. Will always recommended exam edge!!!!

Kim T., Heron Bay, GA

Exam Edge is a great resource! I was discouraged with all the practice test results I was getting at first, but the actual test was much easier and I believe that was because of the difficulty of the practice tests! I wound up scoring a full 10 points higher than the passing score! Thank you Exam Edge and I would recommend you to anyone taking a Praxis test in the future!

Kenneth , Alabama

Great test materials to help one pass the praxis test. Praxis test 5931.

Daryl , Memphis, TN

I am always suspicious of online reviews, however, let me say that I am a chemistry and physics teacher in Pennsylvania and a bona-fide user of the Exam Edge Math 5165 Praxis practice exams. I purchased the entire package of 15 mock exams. To prepare for the Praxis, I completed 14 of the 15 tests and then took the 5165 certification exam. I ended up getting a score of 186! The level and types of questions provided by Exam Edge prepared me wonderfully for this exam. I cannot express my gratitude for their product enough. They did their homework and they provide a great product that I credit for helping me to pass the exam and earn my secondary math certification! Thank you Exam Edge!

Tom, Tunkhannock, PA

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