Fastest Growing Fruit Trees in India (2023)

Fastest Growing Fruit Trees in India (1)

Most home gardeners are impatient while sowing any fruit plant in their garden. Most fruit trees in India take a long time to bear fruit but there are few fruit trees that grow very fast and gives fruit within months of planting. For faster yields, you can also choose plants transplanted from the nursery.

Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India

Here are some of the fastest growing trees;


Botanical Name- Carica papaya

Harvesting Time- 9-11 months

Papayagrows to a height of 20-25 feet and begins to bear fruit very early. The leaves are deeply divided and the fleshy orange fruit has a sweet, musky flavor. The fruit should be harvested when it is half yellow or not completely yellow. Otherwise, birds and flies may split it.

Citrus Tree

Botanical Name-Citrus×limon

Harvesting Time- 3-5 years

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The citrus tree ornimboo or lemon is very popular in Indian gardens. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and other nutrients, which can boost heart health and immunity. Varieties such as Eureka and Meyer grow faster and bear fruit earlier.

Fig Tree

Botanical Name- Ficuscarica

Harvesting Time- 2-3 years

The fruit has a juicy rind and crunchy seeds inside. People prefer to eat dry instead of fresh. This fruit is rich in iron and antioxidants, which can treat iron deficiency and lower blood sugar and blood pressure. The tree releases white latex from the stem, and leave if it breaks.

Fastest Growing Fruit Trees in India (2)

Ber Tree

Botanical Name- Ziziphusmauritiana

Harvesting Time- 2-3 years

This vigorous plant grows in a crown shape with drooping branches. The tree bears narcotic fruits that range from round to oblong, succulent, and has a sour taste. All fruits can ripen at different times; initially they are green, but when ripe they are reddish in color.


Botanical Name- Psidium guajava

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Harvesting Time- 1-3 years

Guava trees grown from seeds grow slowly and may take 2-6 years to bear fruit, while plants grown by grafting or cutting can produce faster fruit yields. The fruit has a sweet, smooth taste and fresh aroma. They have a green outer skin, and pink to white flesh, with some seeds wrapped inside. It is eaten raw, but many Indian families make its chutney.


Botanical Name-Annona squamosal

Harvesting Time- 2-3 years

The custard apple grows to a height of 10-22 feet and produces a creamy fruit, aromatic and sweet pulp, with inedible black seeds. This fruit is low in cholesterol and rich in vitamin C, iron, manganese and potassium. The pulp is eaten raw or used to make smoothies and ice cream.

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Botanical Name- Musa

Harvesting Time- 1year

Growing in humid tropics, bananasgrow in hanging clusters called hands. The curved fruit has yellow, green, or brown skin that varies with maturity and variety. The flesh tastes sweet and is rich in fiber and vitamins. To know if the fruit isripen, check the top of the banana and if the banana has started turning yellow-green and plump.


Botanical Name- Morus

Harvesting Time- 6-10 years

Confused about how this tree enters this list? Although the mulberries bear fruit for a long time after it has matured, it is one of the fastest growing trees because it can grow 10-12 feet in 3 years. But if you have just started grafting, it will begin to bear fruit faster. The sweet fruit of this tree looks like a blackberry and varies in color from red to deep purple.

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Botanical Name- Prunusarmeniaca

Harvesting Time- 2-3 years

Even a single tree is enough to grow in the garden because it will produce self-pollinated fruit. This tree grows faster, but it takes 2 years to start bearing fruit. The sweetness of apricots tastes best when fresh. Another point is that not all varieties grow faster, somefast growingtypes are Moorpark and Early Golden.


Botanical Name- Prunus persica

Harvesting Time- 2-4 years

This fast-growing tree takes 2-3 years to bear fruit, but with proper care, some varieties can be harvested after a year. This tree can grow up to 20-25 feet tall, but frequent pruning can make the tree grow up to 12-15 feet. Since this tree is the result of cross pollination, two different varieties can be planted with the same flowering time. The fruit has yellow to white pulp with a floral fragrance.

TheseFast GrowingFruit Trees in India are easy to maintain and start producing early!

First published on: 18 Aug 2021, 11:07 IST

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