Different Types of Cockroaches in Hawaii | Hawaiian Roaches (2023)

Hawaii is a state in the United States of America, in the Pacific Ocean.

It is an island surrounded by beaches, and a humid atmosphere considered the best vacation spot!

Different Types of Cockroaches in Hawaii | Hawaiian Roaches (1)

On the other hand, it is also home to 19 different species of roaches and Hawaiian cockroaches are considered to be the most troublesome pests.

Roach Infestation

Roach Infestation

Unlike other insects and pests, cockroaches rarely bite; these critters are dangerous because of the dirt, bacteria, parasitic worms, human pathogens, and diseases.

Therefore, for safety measures, you must be familiar with their types.

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Are Cockroaches Common in Hawaii?

Cockroaches in Hawaii are extremely common.

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It is not a surprise to see a collection of 20 to 30 of the three-inch-long cockroaches in some areas.

Cockroaches will ruin your stationery, letters, cards, clothes, books, and other valuables; they are also carriers of diseases and maybe the reason you fall ill.

Thus, it becomes necessary to find measures to get rid of them and report any possible infestations.

Just because you do not see the roaches doesn’t mean that your surroundings are not infested.

You must look for the following signs- roach skins (seen near their shelters, as nymphs shed skin), roach feces (cylindrical, tiny with brown or black color), unusual odor (disturbing and pungent), and smear marks (brownish-red spots on the walls, floors, etc.)

Different Types of Cockroaches in Hawaii

Everyone knows that when you visit Hawaii, roaches come along with it.

There are various types of cockroaches in Hawaii; this article aims to help you with identifying them so that you take the necessary safety measures.

American Cockroaches

This roach has the longest lifespan as compared to the other roaches.

The adult American cockroach can live up to 2-3 years and measures in the range of one to three inches.

It appears as dark-red or brown with light yellow edges on its exoskeleton.

These roaches have wings; the wings of male roaches are typically longer than the body.

The American adult cockroaches can fly.

The female cockroach can lay about 16 eggs into an ootheca which she carries for several days.

Each capsule holds up to eight eggs; to reach maturity, these critters take about 6 to 12 months. Some rare roaches take up to 15 months to fully mature.

Indoors, they prefer dark, humid and empty places with low disturbance levels.

Places like basements, kitchens, roofs, laundry rooms are ideal places where these roaches can be found.

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They are also found in outdoor areas, especially around garbage cans or dumpsters, during warm weather.

The American cockroaches are photophobic like most of their species; they prefer the dark and whenever the lights are turned on, they tend to run away.

They are dangerous as every spot they touch becomes unsanitary and dirty as they are carriers of diseases.

In Hawaii, this is one species you are sure to encounter.

German Cockroaches

These roaches are known to be all around the world.

They are light brown and sometimes black; they have two dark stripes running longitudinally on their pronotum, which is the top section of the back.

They are not known to be intimidating and their size is almost an inch.

Due to their size, they can creep into cracks, wall gaps, and creaked corners that are not easily accessible.

They have the quickest rate of reproduction; at a time, the female lays up 35 to 40 eggs which take about a month to hatch.

Once the nymphs (baby cockroaches) are hatched, they take 6 weeks to 6 months to fully mature into German cockroaches.

As they tend to be out of reach and have the quickest reproduction rate, they can cause an infestation so quickly that you would be left wondering.

It is advised that the moment you suspect roaches in your surroundings, you should take precautionary measures.

In Hawaii, these roaches are found indoors, and they prefer wet, moist, and humid conditions.

Hence, they are present near plumbing areas, like bathrooms, kitchen sinks, laundry rooms, etc.

Their legs carry all the dirt and bacteria which makes everything they touch supremely contaminated.

Surinam Cockroaches

Surinam cockroaches, also popularly known as the “borrowing cockroaches,” are ultimately considered pests, especially for yards.

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As compared to other roaches, they are smaller in size, almost measuring an inch.

They are dark brown or black, and they also have shiny black wings and although they have wings, they are not very significant at flying.

They make their home in yards by often tunneling through loose, moist soil, compost, and mulch which is ultimately terrible for the flowerbeds, garden bushes, and other such plants in the yard.

These pests are often seen at night, and that is when they are most active; they come out to feed off plants in your gardens and leave a considerable amount of damage behind, which can be very troublesome.

As they can make way to your yards, they can easily invade homes and garages.

They seek warmth and they keep moving in search of necessities like food, water, and shelter.

If the roach is in favorable conditions, the female has the power to create an infestation within a minimal amount of time, and sometimes even after pest control, the eggs hatch and begin the cycle again.

In order to prevent this, you must keep your surroundings clean and often sanitize and spray repellants to keep such critters away.

Oriental Cockroaches

These roaches are known for giving out a distinctive foul and musty odor.

They are often referred to as the “water roaches” or “black beetles,” as they are either dark brown or black and glossy.

The adults are usually about an inch long, and these roaches are winged.

Oriental cockroaches prefer to run rather than fly.

The wings of a male are shorter than their body, while those of the female cockroach is underdeveloped.

When these roaches are disturbed, they tend to run, and the adults fly away.

The female roaches lay about 16 eggs in the ootheca, which take about 2 months to hatch into nymphs.

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These nymphs take about 16 to 18 months to mature into adult Oriental cockroaches.

They prefer to stay out of sight of humans and hence love the outdoor environment.

They like to feed on decayed organic matter and garbage and are found in areas like heaps, dumpsters, and leaf litters.

When found in Hawaii, they are usually found in dark and damp places like sinks, drains, crevices of porches, and basements.

These roaches lack the sticky pads on their feet that most roaches have, so they cannot climb up, even on smooth surfaces.

Flying Cockroaches in Hawaii

Hawaii does have some flying roaches.

Although these creatures are not great fliers, they usually do it when they feel like they are threatened, or to move to colder temperatures from warmer ones.

Different Types of Cockroaches in Hawaii | Hawaiian Roaches (2)
  • The American roaches tend to fly and are extremely scary to encounter as they have a poor sense of direction, they may land on you or hit you as well.
  • The German cockroaches have wings as well but they appear to be floating rather than flying and are not considered very intimidating.
  • Adult Oriental roaches also tend to fly when disturbed or threatened.
  • Surinam cockroaches are also equipped with wings but they do not fly very well.

Exterminate Hawaiian Cockroaches with Professional Pest Control Services

Now that we’ve discussed the various cockroaches in Hawaii let’s further talk about what you should do if you ever face a serious roach infestation.

Well, this is where a licensed exterminator comes into the picture! He will not only eliminate these buggers effectively and permanently for you but will also ensure that they do not make their way back inside your home.

To know more about them, fill the below-mentioned form to get free multiple quotes from the professional Pest Control Companies in your vicinity so that you can choose the most economical and effective exterminator service for your infestation.

And don’t worry, all the information that you mention is 100% safe here! Also, by filling the form, at least you’ll know how much you will have to pay if you take the help of your local exterminators.

Final Words

Cockroaches can be a huge problem if not taken care of immediately.

Hawaii is known to be full of these insects due to the prolific nature of plants there; if it weren’t for roaches, the island would be full of debris.

They may be present in a clean house as well as dirty surroundings and due to their rapid reproduction rate; you may find yourself in the middle of a full-grown infestation if not looked after.

Precautionary measures like various home remedies or roach repellants need to be invested in if you wish to eliminate these buggers effectively.

And even after all these solutions, the problem still persists, then calling pest control would ultimately be the best option.

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What do cockroaches in Hawaii look like? ›

These aggressive invaders are light brown to pale yellow in color, with flat bodies and long yellow wings. At about half an inch long (sometimes much less) they're tiny compared to outdoor species like the American cockroach, and can be distinguished by two stripes that run lengthwise down the cowl behind their heads.

Are roaches common in Hawaii? ›

Cockroaches are a common sight in Honolulu. There are 19 species of roaches in Hawaii, and they are often seen clustered on the outside of buildings, or crawling across walls and counters inside homes.

How do I know what type of roach I have? ›

Look for different colors on the roach's body.

For example, American cockroaches are reddish-brown with a yellowish figure-8 pattern on the back of their heads, while brown-banded cockroaches are brown with pronounced banding across the wings. German cockroaches have light brown or tan bodies with two dark stripes.

How big are Hawaii roaches? ›

Description: Reddish brown, 1 ½ inches long and wide-bodied. Wingless immatures are reddish brown with pale edges along body segments. Habits: An outdoor cockroach that enters homes at night. Breeds and hides in sewers, cesspools, sumps, meter boxes, and other damp enclosed places outdoors.

Do Hawaiian cockroaches bite? ›

And while it appears to be rather creepy, it is harmless to humans, since it primarily feeds on garden vines. Though the males look intimidating, it is the females you need to look out for. The males have longer tentacle-like appendages for their mouths and are considered harmless to humans, as they cannot bite.

Are there flying roaches in Hawaii? ›

These are the large flying roaches. They are sometimes referred to by Oahu locals as “747's” or the “Hawaii State Bird.” They're known by their common name American roaches, which is how Kilauea Pest Control refers to them.

Do roaches infest homes? ›

You might think roaches only infest dirty, poorly-kept homes. While it is true that a lack of readily available food will prevent extreme breeding from happening, roaches can infest even clean homes.

What is the hardest roach to get rid of? ›

German roaches are one of the most common household pests and also one of the most difficult to get rid of. It is important to understand how to identify these cockroaches live and what they are attracted to in order to understand how to get rid of them.

What can be mistaken for roaches? ›

Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches
  • Crickets. Crickets are approximately the size of cockroaches, but their coloring is much darker, with many appearing all black. ...
  • Giant Water Bugs. ...
  • June Bugs/May Beetles. ...
  • Asian Longhorned Beetle.

How many roaches do you have if you see one? ›

Unfortunately, cockroaches are not loners. If you see one, there are likely many more that you can't see. Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, so you'll most likely spot them late at night, especially if you walk into your kitchen and turn on the light.

Can big roaches hurt you? ›

On its own, a cockroach can't hurt you. Cockroaches rarely bite and aren't the type of pest to directly attack you. Rather, cockroaches are dangerous because, well, they're disgusting. Cockroaches will nest wherever they can feed, and they feed on almost anything.

Can roaches bite you? ›

Biting isn't a natural attack or as a defense mechanism for roaches, as it is for other insects. Their mouthparts aren't even strong enough to pierce through human skin. At most, cockroaches might seem like they're biting a person when in fact they're just trying to pick at food remnants or dead skin.

Do giant roaches infest? ›

American cockroaches, also known as “Palmetto bugs,” can be as big as three inches and do infest homes sometimes (especially in warmer climates), but Terminix reports that they “prefer outdoors.” Another type of larger roach, smoky brown cockroaches, prefer damper environments, but “are attracted to light and will ...

What kills a roach instantly? ›

For best results, combine equal parts borax and white table sugar. Dust the mixture any place you've seen roach activity. When the roaches consume the borax, it will dehydrate them and kill them rapidly.

Do cockroaches crawl on you at night? ›

At night, cockroaches crawl on humans. They are inclined to seek warm, humid environments. Also, they are fond of the soft tissues of the human body. Thus, if there is a chance for the cockroach to crawl on you, they will most likely do so.

Do roaches bite when you sleep? ›

Cockroaches are nocturnal, so if they do bite, it will most likely occur during the night while you are sleeping. They also tend to bite areas that may accumulate food residue like the face, mouth, hands, and fingernails.

Why should you not squish a cockroach? ›

The World Health Organization also advises against crushing them, for reasons of hygiene. According to the body, which classes cockroaches as “unhygienic scavengers in human settlements”, squashing them can spread bacteria into the environment that can lead to asthma, allergies and illnesses.

Does killing cockroaches attract more? ›

Do dead cockroaches attract more cockroaches? Yes, they absolutely do! A dead cockroach releases oleic acid when they die. This has a pungent smell which intern attracts other cockroaches.

Is Killing roaches cruel? ›

That said, the best way to keep roaches and other insects out is to make your home as undesirable to them as possible. Killing cockroaches is cruel and futile. Unless you make your home less attractive and accessible to them, killing some roaches will simply create a void that others will soon fill.

Can a flying cockroach hurt you? ›

Are Flying Cockroaches Dangerous? Flying cockroaches aren't necessarily dangerous when they're gliding toward you. However, cockroaches themselves can be dangerous. They generally don't bite or cause any kind of direct harm to you, but they can contaminate anything they touch or walk across, potentially spreading E.

Are flying roaches the same as house roaches? ›

Even though they have wings, others can't fly well. If you see flying cockroaches at home, the one you have must be an American cockroach that flies to transfer from an elevated place to a lower area.

Does flying cockroach bite? ›

Cockroaches are not likely to bite living humans, except perhaps in cases of extreme infestations where cockroach population are large, especially when food becomes limited. In most situations, cockroaches would not bite humans if there are other food sources such as in garbage cans or exposed food.

What place on earth has no cockroaches? ›

The Facts: That's a myth, but just barely. There are species of roaches on every continent except one. Roaches are adaptable and find ways to survive in most environments, just not in Antarctica.

Can the world live without roaches? ›

Worldwide, the insects are a significant food source for many birds and small insectivorous mammals, such as mice and rats. (Even humans eat them in some parts of the world.) None of these animals rely solely on cockroaches for food, Kambhampati said, so they probably wouldn't go extinct, but their numbers would drop.

Are roaches the cleanest? ›

Cockroaches are rather fastidious in cleaning themselves. That doesn't mean that they are clean. Cockroaches can pick up bacteria wherever they go and leave bacteria behind. They also have a tendency to defecate wherever they go, too.

Do cockroaches like clean or dirty houses? ›

Finding roaches is not a sign that your house is dirty. Even if you clean regularly and maintain a tidy home, cockroaches can usually find food and water without much trouble. This allows them to thrive in many environments.

What causes roaches in a clean house? ›

Some factors that can attract cockroaches to clean houses include: Moisture. Leaking sinks and appliances create conditions in which roaches thrive, since they offer a readily available source of water as well as the warm, sheltered spaces that provide the ideal harborage for cockroach nests. Untidy landscaping.

Why am I only seeing baby roaches? ›

Baby roaches – in kitchens or bathrooms – are usually an indication of a German cockroach infestation. These roaches are commonly found in kitchen and bathroom areas because they offer a warm, humid environment with plenty of moisture and access to food.

What time of year are roaches the worst? ›

As long as the temperature indoors is above 50 degrees, roaches can remain active year-round, although they are more prevalent in the spring and summer months.

What are cockroaches most afraid of? ›

Roach Repellents

Peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, and cypress oil are essential oils that effectively keep cockroaches at bay. Additionally, these insects hate the smell of crushed bay leaves and steer clear of coffee grounds. If you want to try a natural way to kill them, combine powdered sugar and boric acid.

Can you ever fully get rid of roaches? ›

It is possible to completely get rid of roaches in your home with the right type of treatment but they will not stay away forever. Once you eradicate the current infestation you need to stay proactive about keeping them away.

How do you tell if a roach is a roach? ›

Shared Traits Among Cockroach Species

Each one has the telltale oval-shaped body, which is common to all cockroaches. The bodies appear flattened and range between ¾ inch and 3 inches in length. Most are reddish-brown but will look whitish for a short period of time just after molting.

Do I have roaches if I see one? ›

While the presence of one cockroach in your home can be enough to send you into a panic, one roach doesn't necessarily mean you have a full blown infestation. Roaches are social pests, however, and reproduce quickly.

What to do if you see a roach in your house? ›

How to Get Rid of Roaches Inside the Home: 5 Conventional Methods
  1. Use Glue Traps to Identify Problem Areas. Glue traps are an effective way to identify roach problem areas and resolve infestations. ...
  2. Set Bait Stations. ...
  3. Caulk all Entry Points. ...
  4. Use a Liquid Concentrate. ...
  5. Hire a Pest Management Professional.
8 Nov 2022

Will keeping lights on keep roaches away? ›

Cockroaches are nocturnal and seek to avoid light. However, that's not because light harms them. It's because cockroaches understand that they can't hide or evade predators in open sight. Leaving a night light or lamp on throughout the night won't drive them away.

Do roaches watch you? ›

Cockroaches can see humans, and that is why they tend to run in fear when we are in their line of sight. The eye of the cockroach is like a compound lens, made of over 2,000 mini lenses that are photoreceptors and allow them to see in complete darkness. If for some reason they don't see you, they might feel you first.

Does 3 roaches mean infestation? ›

Number Of Roaches In An Infestation. You might be seeing two to ten cockroaches in a day. But if it exceeds ten, you should start worrying. This may be an indication that you're not only having a cockroach problem but an infestation.

Can you get sick living with roaches? ›

Thus, it should come as no surprise that cockroaches can spread harmful bacteria and diseases. In fact, the most common disease spread by cockroaches is gastroenteritis, an intestinal infection that causes diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. However, cockroaches often carry other diseases, including: Salmonella.

Is it safe to live with cockroaches? ›

Cockroaches in the home environment are a health hazard not only because of the risks posed by cockroach antigens to asthma sufferers, but also because they can carry disease-causing germs and because some of the methods traditionally used to eliminate them cause additional health hazards.

Is living with roaches unhealthy? ›

They Spread Diseases and Bacteria

Cockroaches carry and spread various diseases, pathogens, bacteria, and germs. When they travel throughout your home, they leave a path of urine, feces, and regurgitated saliva and digestive fluids that contain harmful agents that can be transmitted to humans.

How long is a roaches life span? ›

When it comes to household pest the most common tend to be the German cockroach. The average cockroach lifespan is about twenty to thirty weeks given that the roach has ready access to food and water. The first stage in the life of cockroach females and males alike is the egg stage.

What does it mean when a cockroach crawls on you? ›

A cockroach crawling on you is a sign that you also carry a lot of resilience within you, and have the ability to adapt. This may be a reminder that although you are facing problems or difficulties, some of which may seem very overwhelming, you have the ability to overcome any obstacles that are thrown your way.

How quickly do cockroaches multiply? ›

About one week after mating, the female produces an ootheca. On average, females produce one ootheca each month for ten months, laying an average of around 16 eggs per case. The pregnant cockroach will carry an egg case for a few days before placing it in a safe location.

What to do if you see a huge cockroach? ›

Mix shampoo, dish soap or fabric softener with water in a spray bottle. Spray enough onto a giant roach and it'll kick the bucket in under a minute! Tip: Smaller roaches die more quickly from surfactants, and with less spray. To kill a giant cockroach with surfactant, you'll need to seriously douse it.

Can giant cockroaches fly? ›

Can big roaches fly? Yes, American cockroaches are some of the biggest roaches commonly found across the U.S. and can fly short distances at a time. Their bodies can grow to 2 inches in length but their wings extend beyond their abdomens, allowing them to fly.

What does a big roach look like? ›

At up to 2 inches in length, American cockroaches are the largest of the common roaches. Their color is reddish-brown, with a light yellow band outlining their thorax. It's easy to tell the difference between adults and nymphs because the adults are larger and have wings, while nymphs don't have wings.

How do you tell if a bug is a cockroach? ›

First, cockroaches tend to have longer legs and antennae than beetles. Further, their wings, which come in two pairs like those of beetles (a top and bottom pair), are leathery on top, unlike the beetle's which are hard.

What does a cockroach infestation look like? ›

Cockroach droppings - Cockroaches leave behind a dust of black droppings less than 1mm wide and of varying lengths. Smear marks - Check for marks on horizontal surfaces and at wall-floor junctions where cockroaches are active. If water is abundant, cockroaches will produce brown and irregularly shaped smear marks.

What looks like a cockroach but isn t? ›

Some bugs that look like roaches but aren't include crickets, water bugs, and certain beetles.

What is the difference between roaches and cockroaches? ›

The difference between cockroaches and roaches is: nothing. 'Cockroach' and 'roach' are two names for the same thing, and though either may refer to any one of the over 4,000 species of roach, they're not distinct. 'Roach' is the shortened version of the word 'cockroach'.

Is killing a cockroach good? ›

That said, the best way to keep roaches and other insects out is to make your home as undesirable to them as possible. Killing cockroaches is cruel and futile. Unless you make your home less attractive and accessible to them, killing some roaches will simply create a void that others will soon fill.

Do roaches crawl on beds? ›

The answer is yes (though some, like the Oriental cockroach, don't climb as well as others). Roaches can climb many types of surfaces, such as walls, furniture, and yes, even beds. On top of this innate climbing ability, many roaches can also fly (though not the Oriental cockroach).

Can house roaches hurt you? ›

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , cockroaches do not bite. They can, however, scratch you with their heavy leg spines. And because they carry bacteria, a cockroach scratch could potentially become infected.

What kills cockroaches instantly? ›

For best results, combine equal parts borax and white table sugar. Dust the mixture any place you've seen roach activity. When the roaches consume the borax, it will dehydrate them and kill them rapidly.

Why should you never step on a cockroach? ›

The first instinctive thing to do when you see a cockroach is to stomp on it or whack it. But it seems that stepping on a cockroach isn't as harmless as one might think. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed that crushing a cockroach releases a harmful bacterium into the environment.

What does a sewer cockroach look like? ›

Sewer roaches are generally 1 ½ to 2 inches long and are relatively flat. They have reddish-brown to dark-brown bodies, six legs and two long antennae. Their hard exoskeletons make them difficult to squish and allow them to slip through small crevices. On their backs they carry a pair of long, transparent wings.

What to do if you see a roach? ›

Finding a dead roach means the same thing as finding a living one: it's time to inspect for evidence of more cockroaches and, if there are more, determine the extent of the problem. Then, you'll know if you should set baits and spray pesticides or call a professional pest control service.

Do cockroaches touch you? ›

At night, cockroaches crawl on humans. They are inclined to seek warm, humid environments. Also, they are fond of the soft tissues of the human body. Thus, if there is a chance for the cockroach to crawl on you, they will most likely do so.

Can you be clean and still have cockroaches? ›

No matter how clean your home is, if there's some excess moisture somewhere, it could very well be an attractive invitation for your neighborhood roaches. This is one of the reasons why you'll commonly find roaches hanging out in your bathroom and laundry room or around an appliance that produces condensation.


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