CMNS 1114 Job Resume and Application Letter (2023)

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1 CMNS 1114: Resume Creation – Practice Activity Your task: 1. Read the following job description and underline and highlight key qualifications or skills that the company requires. 2. What type of person do you think this company is looking for? 3. Read Elena Gomia’s resume and discuss any strengths or weaknesses (See the resume below the job ad). 4. Revise the resume to target the job ad. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Job Description: Assistant Manager at our the L’Occitane Boutique at Metrotown Company Description Founded in 1976, the L’OCCITANE Group is a global, natural and organic ingredient-based cosmetics and well-being products maker, producer and retailer. The Group is built on strong values of entrepreneurship, t​ eam work​, respect and authenticity. It is committed to developing products that are increasingly respectful of both people and the environment. With a presence in 90 countries, our products are distributed in more than 2,900 stores around the world. We are currently seeking a motivated and competent individual for the position of ​Assistant Manager at our Metrotown Boutique. The Assistant Manager reports directly to the Boutique Manager and is responsible for assisting the Boutique Manager in ​running the daily operations​, ensure overall s​ tore success​ driving sales, reinforcing operations, m​ erchandising ​and store associate development as well as overall service and ​brand integrity​ for the individual boutique. Desired Skills & Experience​ P​ rimary Responsibilities: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Focus on providing ​exceptional customer service​ and assist customers with their choices of products Develop​ strong product knowledge​ on the entire L’Occitane product line, including True Stories and​ provide constant training to associates Assist with m​ aintaining all stock inventory replenishment​ levels as per Company policies and communicate needs to Boutique Manager Must be able to perform the L’Occitane Rituals (hand massage, mini facials etc.) Follow all company policies and procedures, including POS usage Implement all aspects of​ boutique merchandising & visuals Assist with all boutique operations as per the Company’s standards and responsible for training all team members to the same standards Uses teamwork ​to assist all associates in providing excellent customer service and maintaining boutique standards Communicates effectively and professionall​y with all associates within the boutique Assist with recruitment, management, and retention Accountable for total boutique sales result​s including key category results, average sales, boutique overall conversion rates and holds staff accountable to these standards 2 ● ● Assist the Boutique Manager in all aspects of management, store operations, and strive to continuously develop in an effort to become a Boutique Manager Assume the responsibilities of the Boutique Manager when required Skills and Attributes: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Ability to build and nurture long term customer and employee relations Ability to remember ingredients, our True Stories, and product knowledge High level of energy and motivation to succeed Excellent ability to communicate to internal and external customers​ (verbal & written) Multilinugal (English, Mandarin and or Cantonese) is an asset Willingness to learn and grow and constantly look for ways to improve oneself and others Good understanding of​ financial tools and KPIs Professional and​ energetic attitude Working Conditions: ● ● CMNS 1114 Job Resume and Application Letter

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Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods throughout the work day Must be able to travel by car, train or plane for company training and meetings Qualifications: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Post secondary education in retail management is an asset Minimum of 2 years retail experience​ (cosmetics industry is an asset) Minimum of 1 year of management or assistant management retail experience Experience with POS systems, an asset Proficient in​ Microsoft Office Stron​g leadership skills Excellent ​organization and time management skills Must be f​ lexible t​ o work evenings, weekends and holidays as required We offer the following in exchange for your efforts: ● ● ● ● ● Competitive salary/compensation Excellent monthly bonus opportunities Generous discount on products Excellent health, dental, vision care, and insurance benefits package Developmental opportunities in a rapidly growing company To learn more about our Company and True Stories please visit w​ Location: Vancouver, British Columbia We are committed to promoting a fair and equitable selection process and work environment that is inclusive and barrier free. L’Occitane provides equal employment opportunities for all individuals regardless of age, sex, disability, race, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sexual orientation, marital status or any other grounds as described in the Human Rights Code. Applicants with a disability need to make any accommodation requests for the interview process known in advance. The Human Resources Department will arrange for reasonable accommodation in accordance with the Human Rights Code which will enable you to be assessed in a fair and equitable manner. **See Elena’s resume on page 3 and 4.** 3 Elena Gomia 3221 East 33​th​ Avenue Vancouver, BC V5R 1W7 (604) 554-3666 JOB OBJECTIVE To strengthen my leadership and communication skills by obtaining a position in retail. WORKING EXPERIENCE Retail Assistant, Jane’s Cakes and Pies, Vancouver, BC ● Assisted customers to make an informed decision about a product. ● Memorized essential information about the store’s products. ● Handled and organized incoming stock. ● Opened and closed the store before and after opening hours. ● Managed the cash at the end of each work day. ● Prepared gift baskets and wrapped products. 2014 – Summer 2017 Creator and Seller, Little Toy Box, Vancouver, BC ● Created handmade children toys. ● Organized the display of handmade products. ● Exhibited products in the Chal Baie artisan store. 2013-2016 Retail Assistant, Surrry Farmer’s Market, Vancouver, BC ● Prepared healthy food and drinks to serve to customers. ● Took customers’ orders. ● Memorized and listed ingredients to customers when asked. Summer 2012 EDUCATION Business Management Diploma​, Langara College Vancouver, British Columbia ● Completing the first semester. Completion of 12​th​ grade​, Carson Graham Secondary School 2012-2016 North Vancouver, BC ● Graduated with a certificate of excellence.​September 2018 to present 4 SKILLS and INTERESTS ● ● ● ● ● ● Fluent in English and Spanish. Enjoys crafting, cooking, playing music and reading. Dedicated more than four years to the North Van Singers band and choir. Took part in the Vancouver Dance multicultural dance team for three years. Participated in the Surrey choir “Voila” for a year. CMNS 1114 Job Resume and Application Letter

Sang in the Vancouver Music Festival for five years. REFERENCES Available upon request. 5 Dear recruiting committee, APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANT MANAGER POSITION Please consider me for the Assistant Manager position for the L’OCCITANE boutique in the Metrotown Mall. I came across the job advertisement that you posted on Indeed and was interested in the position. L’OCCITANE is well known for its team work, authenticity and the respect that it has for its customers as well as the environment. It would be my pleasure to bring my leadership and communication skills as a contribution to the company’s ongoing success. Working as a maker and distributor for Chal Baie and Aristide gave me a chance to improve my organizational skills. Creating products for two different stores pushed me to organize and keep track of my stock as it got sold. I also learned to properly display the to capture the clients’ attention. I believe this would help me meet the requirements for managing the boutique’s stock at L’OCCITANE. Throughout my three years of working at Andrea’s Confectionary as a retail assistant, I developed my communication and problem-solving skills. Andrea’s Confectionary is a small business, yet receives many clients throughout the day. I was constantly interacting with clients, making recommendations, answering questions and dealing with demanding situations. I believe this experience would help me give an exceptional customer service to every L’OCCITANE client. My goal is to attaint a position at L’OCCITANE that would allow me to strengthen my abilities in sales. I look forward to having an interview with you. Please feel free to contact me at (506) 544-5532 to let me know the day and time that is most convenient for you. Sincerely, (506) 544-5532 REFERENCES Andréa Duguay-Cormier, Owner Andrea’s Confectionary 6 Bathurst, NB (506) 548-2211 Dina Pascal, Owner Aristide Bathurst, NB (506) 548-2211 Josée Larocque, Owner Les Frappé Bathurst, NB (506) 0430-0377 Recalling Accomplishments Perhaps the most difficult part of resume writing is recalling your accomplishments from school, work, and volunteer experiences. As one student put it: “Sure I worked at a busy restaurant for the past two summers, but I don’t look back on the experience and think, ‘Gee, I really accomplished a lot there. I just did it‐I came in, I waited on a few people, I interacted with my co‐workers, I cashed out‐and that’s about it.” But the truth is, you do have accomplishments in all of your past experiences, we all do‐it’s just going to take a bit of digging to remember them. Step 1 ­ Determine the skills, traits, etc. you want to prove. Start by carefully reading over the job advertisement and any other information you’ve gathered on the position. Ask yourself: What skills, traits etc. do I really need to prove for this position. For example, a software programming position may be asking for strong problem solving skills and a meticulous attention to detail. Then write them down. Step 2 ­ Identify past experiences where you demonstrated these skills, traits etc.: Think back to every experience you’ve been involved in‐paid work, volunteer, school projects and papers, extra‐ curricular activities, and so on. CMNS 1114 Job Resume and Application Letter

For example, if the position requires lab skills, don’t forget about the skills you developed during your many hours in the lab at school. Leave no stone unturned! Step 3 ­ Recall positive results: Remember, accomplishment statements don’t just state what you did, they reveal how well you did something. Focusing on the positive results of your past experiences will help you do just that. What counts as a result? Results can be quantifiable or qualitative. For example, if you raised $1200 for your hockey team during a fundraising campaign‐that’s a quantifiable result. If you raised morale by organizing weekly social events‐ that’s a qualitative result. Both are equally valuable. What are some example of results? The kinds of results you can include in your accomplishment statements are almost limitless. For example, positive results can include times when you: ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Were given a promotion Achieved a good grade Met a deadline Stayed on budget Solved a problem Created an innovative idea Had one of your ideas implemented by someone else ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Improved something Achieved a goal Contributed to the success of a team Learned something with little or no training Fulfilled a commitment and many, many more Accomplishment statements First of all, don’t let the word “accomplishment” scare you. It doesn’t mean that you’re claiming to be an accomplished expert at something. Accomplishment statements simply describe the positive results you achieved during your previous experiences. They are placed in bullet form under each paid or unpaid experience on your resume. Almost all resumes have bulleted statements in the experience section but unfortunately, most only briefly describe something about themselves (“Good time management skills”) or the basic facts of their previous experience‐(“Served food and drink to night‐club patrons”). By showing the results of your work, accomplishment statements go beyond saying what you did and focus on how well you did it. For example instead of “Served food and drink to night‐club patrons,” you would write something like “Developed customer loyalty by greeting night‐club patrons by name.” There are more examples below. Look them over carefully and see how accomplishment and “non‐ accomplishment” statements differ. Non­Accomplishment Statements Accomplishment Statements filed documents Established a new filing system for student records ensuring efficient retrieval by counseling staff worked as security guard at special Selected for security assignments at special events where tact, events diplomacy and personal judgement were required Served coffee at busy shop Served more than 300 customers per day as key counter‐ person at the largest coffee shop in Metrotown Mall Supervised paper delivery team Increased subscriptions by 18% and reduced failed deliveries by one‐third in just two years as Area Supervisor for The Province. Why are accomplishment statements effective? 1) Because simply stating that you have a skill, attribute or experience will not convince an employer. CMNS 1114 Job Resume and Application Letter

You need to prove it! For example, anyone can say they’re reliable. But stating “I opened and closed the shop every day for two years” proves reliability. 2) Because most resumes aren’t accomplishment oriented. Instead, the writer includes only factual descriptions of what they did during a particular experience. The result is often a very predictable resume, which is skimmed instead of read. More Accomplishment examples: Non­Accomplishment Statements Accomplishment Statements Good time management skills Supervised a home painting project that was completed on time and within budget Tutored adults in grade 12 English Tutored an inmate who successfully completed a secondary school equivalency exam. Event planning experience Initiated, organized and coordinated a dozen social, travel and adventure events for groups of friends (3 ‐12 people) including arrangements for all transit, accommodation and special equipment. Strong customer service skills Developed customer loyalty by regularly greeting clients by name Proficient with Excel Improved comprehension of a research paper by developing Excel charts and graphs to illustrate each of the key findings Conducted campus tours Increased comfort level of new UBC students by conducting friendly and informative tours Carried out lab experiments Successfully developed new antibodies for use in breast cancer research and therapy. Monitored antisera levels Carefully monitored the antisera to ensure presence of desired B‐cell population Experience in biological laboratory Pursued unique opportunities for experimentation, e.g. experimentation Experimented to induce animal’s immune system to respond to a weak antigen Researched and worked out procedures for in vitro immunization of human lymphocytes What is a resume? l A resume is a personal summary of your professional history and qualifications. It includes information about your career goals, education, work experience, activities, honors, and any special skills you might have. Purdue University Writing Lab Objective Statement l l l One to three sentence summary of your area of expertise and career interest. Write as complete sentences or as descriptive phrases with minimal punctuation. Relate your existing skills directly to the job you are seeking. Demonstrate what you can do for the company rather than what they can do for you. Purdue University Writing Lab Objective Statement Avoid overgeneralized statements: A position allowing me to utilize my knowledge and expertise in different areas. Avoid statements that focus only on what a company can do for you: A position where I gain experience in working on biological problems. Make the statement as specific as possible: A position which allows me to apply my background in engineering and high performance computing to biological problems. Purdue University Writing Lab Education l l This is an important section for recent college graduates or students seeking internships or summer jobs. Beginning with the highest level of educational achievement, include information such as university attended, degrees earned, major, minors, grade point average, date of program completion. Purdue University Writing Lab Education Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN Graduation May 2000 Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering GPA: 3.2/4.0 Major GPA: 3.5/4.0 •CMNS 1114 Job Resume and Application Letter

• You do not have to include your GPA on the resume, but if it isn’t included, employers may assume that it is lower than it really is. Always state the grade point scale your school is using. Purdue University Writing Lab Relevant Courses l Discuss: When would it be a good idea to include relevant courses on your resume? Purdue University Writing Lab Relevant Courses l l List relevant courses that: – Help you stand out from the crowd – Have provided you with specific skills or knowledge Consider including this information in the education section of the resume. Spanish (4 semesters) Computer Science Business Writing Business Law Ethics l Only include courses taken in addition to your major or minor. l Refer to the course by name rather than by number. Purdue University Writing Lab Employment l l What type of employment information should you include? What are accomplishment statements? (p. 212) Purdue University Writing Lab Employment Experience l l Include positions you have held which are related, in some way, to the job you are seeking. These might be both paid and volunteer positions. Be creative with this section of your resume by describing and emphasizing your experiences in the most relevant way possible. Purdue University Writing Lab Employment Experience Hospitality Intern (May 1999-August 1999) Mountain Jacks, Lafayette, IN * Oversaw the planning, production, preparation and prompt delivery of food * Assisted in training and retaining new and experienced employees * Created a positive and healthy atmosphere in the restaurant l l l Include information such as company name and location, job title, dates, and duties performed. Make this section easy to read by using spacing and bullets. Use action phrases to highlight the duties you have performed. Purdue University Writing Lab Action Phrases Hospitality Intern l Action phrases will help (May 1999-August 1999) you avoid being too Mountain Jacks, Lafayette, IN brief and from * Oversaw the planning, understating your production, preparation qualifications. and prompt delivery of food * Assisted in training and l Think about your retaining new and qualifications as a experienced employees professional would. * Created a positive and healthy atmosphere in the restaurant Purdue University Writing Lab Revise the following statements (p. 212) 1. Gave advice to sales staff on meeting monthly sales quotas. 2. Did all bookkeeping functions, including internal audits, once a month. 3. Talked with regular clients all the time to do technical support. 4. Got together a team to train staff in a new safety procedures. Purdue University Writing Lab Skills Statements and Accomplishment Verbs l l Think about your current job or past job. Which accomplishment statements would you use to describe what you performed. (Refer to the handout.) Share with your small group. Now learn tips for writing strong skill statements. (Handout) Purdue University Writing Lab Parallel Phrases Hospitality Intern (May 1999-August 1999) Mountain Jacks, Lafayette, IN * Oversaw the…


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